Hemp Extract Sleeping Tablets

Hemp Extract Sleeping Tablets


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The combination of our hemp extract with melatonin may bring long-awaited calm sleep and morning restfulness to those who have difficulty sleeping well. The tablets are most effective when taken two hours before going to bed. In addition, the effectiveness reaches its intended strength in about two weeks after consistent daily use. This time is needed for the endocannabinoid system and circadian rhythm in your body to become attuned to components of the hemp extract that will start circulating in your blood upon taking the tablets.

The bottle contains a two-month supply of tablets. You can see a third-party lab report for hemp extract and melatonin concentrations.

We would like to emphasize the advantages of Oliver’s Harvest sleeping tablets: No euphoria producing ingredients  |  US product  |  Lab tested.

Each serving contains:

Hemp Extract – 5 mg; melatonin – 5 mg

Take one pill at night, two (2) hours before bedtime


Count: 60 per bottle
Supply: 60 days.


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